Fireplace inserts are beautiful, functional, and efficient. They are a great option for remodels, upgrades, and new constructions. In fact, inserts allow you to keep a fireplace even when a fireplace is irreparably damaged. This is great for refinancing or for home sales, because a fireplace brings up your property value substantially. However, a damaged fireplace and chimney brings it down in the same way. A fireplace insert may be the perfect solution for you!Buying a Home Check the Chimney! - Prince Frederick, MD - Chesapeake Chimney

Inserts Offer Many Options

You can choose a gas, wood, or pellet insert that compliments your hearth and home perfectly. We sell and install inserts from industry leaders like Regency, Vermont Castings, and Napoleon. They come in designs from sleek and contemporary to traditional and cast iron. No matter which fuel-type or design you choose, your insert will be more efficient than a standard fireplace. Inserts are basically a closed unit, like a stove, retrofitted into an existing fireplace. Many homeowners choose to install an insert simply to raise efficiency. A more efficient insert leaves less residue in the chimney including creosote and soot. In addition, less particulate pollution in the air.

Professional Installation and Maintenance

Our chimney sweeps are fireplace experts that can help you choose your insert perfectly. One that will match your home, personality, and needs. Plus, make sure it’s installed correctly and will work safely!

Although an insert can be retrofitted directly into a masonry fireplace, the insert will need to be connected with the chimney in order to vent properly. Your chimney sweep will need to assess the chimney system to ensure the insert will work properly and not put your family at greater risk. First, your chimney sweep will measure your fireplace opening. Once the insert is complete, they will install it properly, and finish with an inspection of the system. Remember, your insert not only needs a chimney, but a liner in order to vent properly. This is because of how they’re designed.

Your chimney expert will install a liner when your insert is installed. When our technician is finished with the job, it will be complete and ready to burn for your first fire at your convenience! By making major changes to your system and scheduling maintenance in the spring and summer, you can be sure your system is ready for burn season.

Fireplace inserts are considered low-maintenance by many homeowners, but they should be properly maintained by a certified chimney sweep. Both the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommend routine maintenance for the safest and most efficient use of your fireplace and chimney. Annual CSIA inspections and regular chimney sweeps keep your system working properly and safely year round.

You can discuss your fireplace insert options with a Chesapeake Chimney expert today. Call 410-535-0052 or request an appointment online!