Spring is in full-swing, and animals, big and small, are looking for a place to nest. They might just choose your chimney! Any animal that can reach your roof can get into your chimney flue if it isn’t properly covered. It is never a good thing for animals to be in your chimney.Animals In Your Chimney - Prince Frederick MD - Chesapeake Chimney

Animals Leave a Mess

Whether their furry or winged, animals will leave a mess behind inside your chimney. Birds can leave behind feathers and droppings, nesting materials, and food. Small mammals can leave behind fur, droppings, food, and nesting materials. Whether the animal escapes the chimney on its own, or has to be removed, the mess that’s left behind has to be cleaned before the system is used. Debris left in the chimney system can ignite and result in a fire and droppings can cause bacteria and mold to grow.

Animals Damage the Chimney

Animal droppings and urine can be corrosive, but it’s the animals themselves that do the most damage. Even if a critter climbs out the chimney on its own, damage left behind by its claws will create voids that become filled with soot and creosote, corroding and damaging the chimney from the inside out. Any small crack or void will lead to big problems as the chimney’s continued use adds creosote and soot to the liner.

Animals Can Be a Pain

If an animal climbs into your chimney and makes it home, you may not even notice. However, if you hear a ruckus and chirping, you may have a bird on your hands. Birds, depending on what type, may be a problem. Chimney swifts, for instance, are federally protected and may not be harmed or removed (even by professionals). You may call an exterminator or chimney professional, but chimney swifts cannot be removed, and you cannot light a fire or use your chimney while they are there. Once they’re there, they may stay up to 90 days before they leave on their own, and these birds are loud and rowdy! The best way to deal with chimney swifts, other birds, and other critters is to prevent them from getting in. Make sure your chimney is capped this spring to avoid animal intrusion and the cost and annoyance it causes.

Animal Removal

Can smoke cause an animal to leave your chimney? It might. It might make the animal desperate to leave, so that it damages the liner more than it would otherwise, and it also might result in the animal’s death and subsequent chimney obstruction. The last thing you want at the end of burn season is the stink of a carcass in the chimney. If you suspect an animal is in your chimney system, do not waste time. Call a professional right away.

Chesapeake Chimney & Co.

If you live in Calvert, Charles, St. Mary’s, Southern Anne Arundel, or Prince George’s County, we can remove animals from your chimney or venting systems humanely and safely. Not only will we remove the animal in question, but we’ll then use our Chim-Scan video technology to check for any damage or debris that may have occurred.

Once the animal is removed and the chimney is in good shape, we can discuss a proper chimney cap to prevent recurrence.

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