This time of year your house may be the warmest thing for miles around, and your chimney may be an open invitation for critters and birds seeking shelter. Animal intrusion can be a problem during the spring months, of course, but desperate animals often seek shelter in chimneys the way insects and rodents run into houses during winter. Don’t hesitate to call a professional if you suspect an animal in your chimney.

Humane Animal RemovalPigeons on the chimney of a house

Did you know it’s more dangerous for an animal to be in the chimney than for them to be forcefully removed? Animals in the chimney are dangerous for the both the animals themselves, and the people in the house. When they’re removed from the chimney humanely, by a professional, they are left unharmed and free to return to the wild. When they’re allowed to stay in the chimney, they are often suffocated by smoke and die trapped in the system. There, they become a serious fire hazard, and can produce odors and gases that are foul and unhealthy to breathe.

Why Call a Professional

It’s important that animals are treated kindly and humanely, especially when they’re wild animals that may bite and injure a person. We use protective gear and special tools and treats to remove animals from chimney systems safely for all involved. We urge our customers, friends, and neighbors to call a professional if they suspect an animal is in the flue, or has been in the flue. Even if an animal was able to escape the flue by itself, it likely climbed out using claws and teeth which leaves marks on the interior. Scratches on the chimney liner can collect creosote and soot which corrodes the material and eventually results in a gap or crack in the liner. The animals likely leave feathers, fur, or nesting materials that may result in a fire, or droppings and urine which will result in foul odors over time. The best option is to call a professional to have the system checked out following an animal intrusion to clean the system and to prevent it from happening again.

The Chimney Cap

Your chimney flue should be topped with a properly fitting chimney cap which is designed to keep animals out. Chimney caps and chase covers also keep precipitation and wind out of the flue opening and keeps sparks in. It’s your chimney’s first defense against water damage which can be devastating during winter. If your chimney cap isn’t working properly, it’s important to call a professional now.

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