Your damper is one of the most important parts of your chimney system, but if used improperly or neglected, it can cause problems for your fire and your health. Your damper must be open while a fire is burning in the fireplace. Otherwise, the smoke will pour into the house and affect the breathable air for yourself and your family. If left open while the fire is out, drafts can occur, wasting heated air and causing cold drafts in the living space.

Different Damper TypesWe do damper repairs and replacements.

How your damper works is determined by what type it is. Many homeowners may not even know what type of damper they have. For instance, a throat damper is the most common traditionally placed in a masonry chimney. A throat damper can be opened partially or fully to help control a flame. A top mount damper must be open during use. Because of the airtight rubber seal, a closed top mount damper will be dangerous while a fire is burning. It’s important to use your damper properly, no matter what type you have. If your throat damper is damaged, you may want to make the switch to a top mount for many great benefits.

Energy-Saving Dampers

When you make the switch from a throat damper to a top-mount damper, you’re switching from a energy waster to an energy saver. The loose close of your damaged throat damper may be wasting up to 75 percent of your fireplace heat. Switching to a top mount will save you substantially in heating costs in the winter and cooling costs in the summer. The airtight seal of the top mount damper also prevents even the smallest amount of precipitation from entering the flue, preventing water damage as well as animal intrusion and debris. What’s more, the top mount damper doubles as a cap when opened. This means two parts of the system are replaced by one. That’s less to maintain, use, and repair if necessary.

Your new top mount damper will close the chimney from the top. This means no more cold chimneys and difficult-to-light fires, no more animals nesting in the flue, and no more summer humidity causing odors in your flue. Protect it from the top.

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