One of the most commonly-requested fireplace systems in our area is the gas fireplace. They are convenient, easy to install, cheap to fuel, and require little maintenance. Many may mistakenly believe they don’t need ANY maintenance, but this is not the case! Low-maintenance never means NO-maintenance. It is important to have your gas appliance professionally-serviced to avoid very serious hazards that can put your home and family at risk. Start from the beginning with certified professionals.

Professional InstallationsOlder man standing in front of fireplace trying to clean the fireplace
Your gas appliance should be installed by a professional. How often do we as consumers purchase the wrong item online or otherwise. Purchasing a gas log set that needs to be vented, and failing to vent it can be deadly to your family. Installing a gas fireplace with a bad connection or the wrong fuel type can be devastating. Only a professional knows the ins and outs of fireplace safety, can install your gas fireplace up-to-code, and vent it properly to avoid condensation problems that can ruin your home decor.

Important Gas Maintenance
Annual inspections keep your system in check year after year. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) agree that annual inspections keep your fireplace safe and efficient. During an inspection with Chesapeake Chimney & Co., we check the appliance, connection, and flue for debris, blockages, damage, and buildup that can lead to a fire or carbon monoxide emergency.
-Cleaning and maintenance prevents damage to flue walls and keeps the system venting well. Gas fires may produce very little byproducts compared with wood fires, but they do produce condensation which can corrode the inner workings of the system when combined with soot. During your gas fireplace cleaning, we’ll remove the logs and other components, clean the unit, including the glass, test the electrical and wiring, the blowers, adjust the flame height, and test carbon monoxide leaks. Your chimney professional can help you determine when to schedule cleanings in the same way a dentist may recommend cleanings at regular intervals. The better you care for the system, the less maintenance required.
-Repairs may be required periodically that help your gas fireplace to work properly and safely. If something were to break or stop working, it can lead to serious problems. Valves, burners, pilot lights, and log components are just some of the replacements and repairs that we make. One problem that isn’t addresses, or one faulty part that isn’t replaced can lead to loss of property and injury, or even death.

Call us at the first sign of a problem. It may be that your gas fireplace is suddenly producing smoke or strong smells that aren’t usually present. You may begin to get frequent headaches, taste metallic sensations in the mouth, and feel light headed or nauseous when around your fire. These are serious symptoms of a problem. If your gas fireplace works differently than it has in the past, shut it down and call a professional immediately. If you experience symptoms of sickness following time around your fire, shut it down and seek medical help immediately. Take no chances where health is concerned. Schedule regular maintenance to prevent disaster.

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