Whether you own or rent home, you know when to change the batteries in your smoke detectors and alarms. The smoke detector alerts your family of smoke in your home to allow you plenty of time to escape danger. This is extremely important. However, there are additional things you can do to prevent fires altogether in your home. We would like to tell you more about some of the fire hazards in your home, and what to do to prevent these hazards.

Clothes Dryers and House Fires

man getting laundry out of dryerIf you own or rent a home, you likely own or rent a clothes drying unit. These units cost from $50 to thousands of dollars. They are costly, and they usually last a decade. Unfortunately, because they are often installed incorrectly, they do not last as long as they should. With improper installation, they use more energy than they should, and they become a fire hazard, putting your home and family at risk.

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, clothes dryer fires account for 2,900 fires each year. With these fires, there are account of 5 deaths, 100 injuries, and $35 million in property loss. Any fire is devastating and life-threatening, but dryer fires are preventable. The leading cause of clothes dryer fires are the failure to clean the units. By cleaning the units, 34 percent of the clothes dryer fires are preventable. However, you should also follow the additional tips.

1. Professional Installation
Did you know that the flexible tubing commonly used as dryer vent ducts are designed only to be transitional tubing and should not go into basement or attic space? Only the professional Dryer Exhaust Technicians know that the dryer vent should not exceed 25 feet in length and that every 90-degree angle equals 5 feet of that total. Homeowners often don’t know that the outside termination hood should be equipped with a backdraft damper. The first step in having and keeping a safe dryer vent is to have it professionally installed.

2. Follow the Manual
Homeowners should only use their dryer unit according to the owner’s manual. It is important to clean the lint trap after every single use of the dryer. Do not overload the clothes dryer. Do not run it while out of the house or sleeping.

3. Annual Dryer Vent Cleaning
Whether you have been using your dryer for five years, or you just moved into your house and used it for a month, if you are not sure it has been cleaned in the last 12 months, schedule a cleaning today. It will keep your family safe and dryer working properly and safely for longer.

Signs your dryer needs a cleaning

  • The unit and the clothes are extremely hot when the cycle finishes
  • The unit takes more than one cycle to completely dry the clothes
  • There is condensation and/or lint covering the surfaces in and near your laundry room
  • The lint trap is empty after a load of laundry

By cleaning your clothes dryer vents, you can save your home, and you also save money in energy costs! Call Chesapeake Chimney & Co. to schedule your cleaning today. Call 410-535-0052.