Now is the time of year that all of our customers, friends, and neighbors are enjoying barbecues. The warm weather is bringing everyone outdoors to use gas appliances outside. Whether it’s a gas fire pit, fireplace, or a grill that you’re primarily using in your outdoor space, Chesapeake Chimney & Co. can service it. We don’t just do chimneys. Our goal is to offer services that bring down fire risk throughout the home life. By offering gas appliance inspections and repairs we are better able to meet this goal and provide care and service to our customers.


Signs of a Grill Problemclose up of meat on a gas grill

Is your gas grill performing well? It may have a problem and you don’t even realize it. This is the importance of annual inspections for all fire appliances. In some cases, your warranty may only be maintained if you have the unit serviced annually. This will be indicated in your user guide, however, there are other times to schedule a gas grill service appointment as well.
Smoky Grill – Your grill shouldn’t be overly smoky. Gas burns cleanly, so if there is a lot of smoke, especially before food is added to the grill, there may be a problem.
Weak Flame – If your flame is weak, small, or has changed in color or intensity, there may be a problem with the burners or fuel source. If your controls aren’t operating the flame properly, this may be a problem with the mechanism itself.
Fuel Waste – Suddenly the grill is using more propane than it normally would or ever has. This may indicate a serious hazard such as a fuel leak in hoses or connectors.

If your gas grill is performing poorly or just not getting the job done to your liking, it’s time to call in the professionals. A gas grill is costly, it adds value to your home and your outdoor space, and it can be a dangerous liability if not properly cared for. We can help.


Chesapeake Chimney & Co. Services Gas Grills

When you schedule a gas grill service with us, you can count on professionalism and expertise from every technician. During your gas grill service we will clean your gas grill, removing grease, food, and buildup; scrape and vacuum the interior; clean all areas of the grill interior and exterior; remove and clean burners; remove spiderwebs, bugs, and potential blockages; and inspect the burners, ignitors, tubing, thermometer, pressure regulator, and all other gas grill components.

The appointment is not lengthy, nor costly, and it will benefit your family more than you might think. A clean grill will work better and last longer. The cleaning will identify any necessary repairs or hazards before your big holiday party! The grill will be free of carcinogenic buildup and can even reduce the chance of a grill fire. Finally, your grill will look better after being cleaned and properly maintained. Don’t just cook for your guests; impress them!

Call Chesapeake at 410-535-0052 or schedule an appointment online to have your gas grill serviced. While you’re waiting for your service appointment, hit the grocery store for the ingredients for some of these summer grilling recipes!