One of the most overlooked components of the chimney system is the chimney cap. Many homeowners don’t think about it because it’s out of sight (out of mind). However, chimney caps may be the most vital waterproofing tool for your chimney! That’s not where the benefits stop, though. They also prevent animal intrusion and suppress sparks. Haven’t had your annual chimney inspection yet? Then you may not even realize your chimney cap is damaged or missing. Scheduling now means you can have a good chimney cap installed before Fall!Have A Good Chimney Cap - Prince Frederick MD - Chesapeake Chimney

Prevent Water Damage this Winter

Although water can penetrate and damage your chimney year-round, it is particularly damaging during the cold months. During burn season, water is subject to a freeze/thaw affect. This means the water penetrates your masonry, then freezes and expands. This expansion breaks the masonry further – so that when the water melts, it moves further into the masonry. This process will repeat throughout the entire winter, leading to extreme damage. This damage leaves the chimney wide open to snow and then spring rains! A good chimney cap protects the flue from precipitation falling directly into it. It’s design causes water to fall away and onto the chimney crown, which is also designed to shed the water onto the roof below.

Prevent Animal Intrusion

During cold months, and warm spring months, the critters who live near your home may seek shelter in your chimney flue. The chimney cap keeps critters and birds out of the flue. It’s important to prevent animal intrusion. Why? Animals can become stuck and die in your flue, causing obstruction and flue fire. Any animal that can climb onto your roof can also climb into your chimney if there is no cap. Even if the animal climbs back out of the flue safely, they most likely leave claw marks behind, as well as fur or feathers than can be a fire hazard!

Prevent Unruly Fires and Drafts

A good chimney cap has a spark suppressor. This prevents unruly sparks from escaping the chimney flue and igniting debris on the roof or yard. Many models also have wind deflectors that prevent drafts that can affect your fire. One strong gust of wind allowed in the chimney flue can cause a fire emergency in your fireplace! Choosing the right chimney cap can prevent this type of occurrence.

Gelco Chimney Caps

At Chesapeake Chimney we offer the best services for Southern Maryland, and that means offering the best products. We sell and install Gelco chimney caps because of their quality design, strength, and durability. With the easy-clean option, you can avoid having the cap removed during a routine chimney sweep. We also offer multi-flue options, as well as draft prevention. The high-quality product and expert, professional installation is not where it ends, though! Every Gelco cap carries a lifetime warranty, and when you choose Chesapeake Chimney for your installation, the work is guaranteed.

Is it time to replace your chimney cap? Even if your cap is functional, you can choose a new cap that enhances the look of your property before a sale! Contact us to discuss your chimney cap with a professional today.