Now is the time of year when many homeowners discover a serious problem with the chimney system. When the chimney system is constantly exposed to the elements, even small amounts of rain can lead to damage and costly repairs. Make sure your chimney has proper protection against water damage this spring and for years to come with ChimneySaver. At Chesapeake Chimney & Co. we love and trust ChimneySaver!

ChimneySaver Saves Chimneys

masonry chimney on red roof on cloudy dayYour chimney is leaking and maybe you can see staining on the outside, indicating water penetration. You might hear dripping noises inside the chimney. Whatever the reason for your diagnosis, you’ve taken matters into your hands. The problem with self-diagnosing your chimney leak and then heading to the store is that the products available to the public are not the best for the job. In fact, many water repellents and sealants sold in mainstream home improvement stores can make matter worse for the chimney! ChimneySaver is the only product on the market that professionals trust. It is available to chimney professionals with training in application and use, and we use it as much as possible to protect the chimneys of our customers.

Advantages of ChimneySaver

We love and trust ChimneySaver for many reasons, but here are some easy reasons you can also put your trust in ChimneySaver!

  • Vapor-Permeable
    While competing brands may promise to waterproof the chimney, only ChimneySaver protects the chimney while also allowing the masonry to breathe. This product is vapor-permeable, which means the heat and vapors are can properly leave through the masonry, but water molecules cannot get into your chimney. This protects the masonry from water penetration while allowing the chimney to do its job. Other sealants prevent the porous masonry from breathing, leading to ventilation and moisture issues inside the chimney.
  • Non-Glossy Protection
    When we apply ChimneySaver to your masonry, it will not mess with the look of your chimney. This product provides a non-glossy finish that will not change the look of your masonry still fully protect all sides of the chimney.
  • Deep-Penetrating Water Repellant
    Unlike other products which “seal” the masonry on the outside, solvent- or water-based ChimneySaver water repellent penetrates the masonry and lines the pores, protecting against water penetration at a rate of 99.9 percent.
  • Long-Lasting
    ChimneySaver will protect your chimney from water penetration for a decade and comes with a 10-year warranty!

Don’t wait. We trust ChimneySaver with our own chimneys and our friends and customers. We are a licensed and certified company with experience in diagnosing, repairing, and preventing chimney leaks.

If you reside in Southern Maryland and suspect a chimney leak, call Chesapeake Chimney & Co to schedule your waterproofing services today. Reach a team member at 410-535-0052 or click here.