Even though spring is around the corner, homeowners are still using their fireplace regularly. In fact, you may even use your fireplace for several more weeks to keep the furnace off. Many homeowners do this to save energy and utilize the natural resources on hand. However, you may find that your fireplace is actually less efficient. At Chesapeake Chimney, we want to help you stay informed about all the factors that could influence the efficiency of your system. 

Smoky Fires & Burning the Wrong Wood

a smoky chimneyIf your fireplace is extra smoky, then most of time, it is a simple problem. There are a few ways to diagnose a smoky or drafty fireplace yourself. It may be that other system in your home is competing with the draft of your chimney. You can usually correct this by shutting off major appliances while a fire is burning. You may also correct the problem by opening a window or door to allow air in. If this doesn’t work, the problem may be bigger than a draft issue.

Your fire will also produce more smoke, if you’re burning the wrong type of wood. Fresh wood, also called green or wet, is difficult to light and burn incompletely, which result in extra smokey fires. The wood you burn in your fireplace must be properly seasoned firewood in order for it to light easily. It also helps you fire to burn more completely and efficiently, and your fires produce less smoke too.

A System Problem

If your smoky fireplace is not corrected by changing the type of fuel or by fixing a draft issue, the problem could be bigger then. Your flue may be clogged with too much creosote and soot, which obstructs airflow to prevent proper ventilation. It may be that your damper isn’t working properly and need to be replaced. These are serious problems, and they can result in carbon monoxide exposure to your family and home. It also means smoke damage to the furniture in your home.

Chesapeake Chimney Will Diagnose Your Smoky Fire

At Chesapeake Chimney, we strive to keep homeowners safe, and we also offer services year-round. If your smoky fireplace is because of improper installation or improper sizing, we can help. We can resize a flue to work properly with your specific chimney. Our technicians periodically find downdrafts can cause smoky fires, and we can resolve this by installing a quality chimney cap.

No matter what the cause is, a smoky fireplace is a pain and a danger. Make sure your smoky fireplace isn’t a hazard by calling the professionals to check it out. Chesapeake Chimney diagnoses chimney problems year-round, and we can help you. Call us at 410-535-0052 or try our new virtual chimney assessment to get started right now!