We often encourage our customers to schedule chimney services during the summer, our offseason. The offseason is the best time to have your chimney system inspected. It allows you to get a convenient appointment time, a desired team or technician. It also means you will likely have the time and money to prepare and plan for a repair before burn season returns. If your chimney was inspected this season, and a trusted and certified professional recommended a repair, it’s important to have it completed now.

Schedule Now and Beat the Fall Rushman fixing chimney on the roof

The period between October and January is known as the Fall Rush because during this time all the chimney sweep companies in your area and across the country are too busy for general maintenance appointments. Companies are inundated with calls for installations and emergencies during the first half of winter. Waiting until this time may mean that you either don’t get your service completed and have to wait to use your system, or you neglect these necessary services altogether. This is not recommended. Have your inspection completed now, and you’ll have the time to plan for repair and payment before burn season returns.

Common Chimney Repairs

There is a reason that the professionals recommend annual inspections for the safest and most efficient chimney systems. Only the professionals have the knowledge and experience to spot a problem before it causes unnecessary and expensive damage. At Chesapeake Chimney & Co. we know our neighborhoods, we know our climate, and we know our federal and municipal fire safety codes. We know exactly what needs to be checked, and exactly how to fix it. We commonly find four types of chimney damage when we complete standard chimney inspections.

Masonry damage

When water seeps in and collects inside the masonry, it can lead to leaks and more damage. During winter, water in your masonry can lead to serious structural damage as the water freezes and expands, then melts and runs further into the damaged masonry. This process repeats all winter long and can lead to serious damage by springtime. Call Chesapeake Chimney & Co. and have your masonry repaired with a simple tuckpointing repair.

Crown damage

Over time, even the best-constructed crowns can become damaged due to precipitation, freezing temperatures, and sun exposure. Your crown may have flaking, cracks, and gaps that can be easily repaired or serious damage that needs a new crown construction altogether. Our team at Chesapeake Chimney & Co. can repair a crown with a simple sealant or completely construct a new one out of durable materials that will last.

Firebox damage

The part of your system that takes on the most damage and gets the least attention is the firebox. Your firebox may become stained, cracked, and otherwise damaged, and you may never even notice. A certified professional will notice the damage and then repair it as needed. We repair fireboxes with appropriate refractory materials that will protect your home and restore your fireplace.

Damper and cap damage

When your damper or chimney cap is damaged by creosote or soot, we can repair it by installing a new top-sealing damper. It works as a cap and protects your flue from the top down. Ask about it when you call us today.

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