There are many parts of the chimney system and they all serve different purposes. The chimney cap is one important part of the chimney that does many jobs. Installing a chimney cap is a simple and affordable preventative measure that can protect your chimney from water damage, keeps your chimney working efficiently, and more.The Worth of a Chimney Cap - Prince Frederick MD - Chesapeake Chimney

Chimney Caps Keep the Weather Out

Weather like rain and snow can lead to many issues if allowed to penetrate the chimney system. Masonry is constructed of many materials that are adversely affected by moisture. It causes rust, spalling, staining, structural damage, and leads to multiple other issues. When you have a chimney cap properly fitted and installed you can rest assured that it keeps the weather out of your chimney flue. Moisture can affect your masonry year-round, whether your fire is lit or not. It’s important that there is always a chimney cap to top your chimney.

Chimney Caps Keep Wildlife Out

During the spring nesting months, and cool hibernation periods there are animals that seek shelter in all kinds of strange places, and your chimney is one of them! The chimney is a dry, warm space in which small animals like birds and squirrels can nest for a short time, unbeknownst to the homeowners. Sometimes these animals can become trapped and die in your flue, causing foul odors. They can also obstruct airflow through the chimney, causing efficiency to drop and raising fire risk. Even when these animals leave, they leave debris, nests, and food behind that might be flammable or obstruct proper airflow.

Chimney Caps Keep the Fire In

During the winter a homeowner can have a roaring fire that spits sparks all the way to the top of the chimney flue. Every fire releases sparks and cinders that can ignite materials, leaves, and sticks on the roof and around the home on the ground. Only a chimney cap can prevent these sparks from flying out of the flue and causing a disastrous fire.

Chimney Caps Can Save You Money

One of the best things you can do for your chimney system is to install a chimney cap because it saves you in repairs from the first day it’s installed. There are other options for a chimney cap other than the standard chimney cap. Many homeowners today are opting for the top-sealing damper, which functions as a damper. It is installed at the top of the chimney, functioning as a chimney cap when open, and closing the flue off completely when it’s not in use. The top-sealing damper can save homeowners up to 75% in utilities year-round.

If you need a professional look at your chimney cap or are interested in learning more about a top-sealing damper or chase cover, call Chesapeake Chimney & Co today. Once of our chimney experts is standing by.