While homeowners plan their fireplace there are many factors to consider. Many manufactured fireplaces come in many styles, colors, and with accessories to fit your every need. Even hearths can be constructed by an experienced mason to fit your home exactly. With so much to choose from, it an be easy to overlook something as cosmetic that can actually be really practical–like glass doors and fireplace screens.

The Value of Glass Doors and Fireplace Screen - Prince Frederick MD - Chesapeake Chimney

Glass Doors

Glass doors can be installed on any fireplace when you hire the write professional for the job. They can add an element of beauty to your fireplace that you’re longing for, especially custom glass doors that fit into the aesthetics of your living space perfectly.

Not only do they look nice, but glass doors also serve a practical purpose that you can only benefit from. Glass doors close tightly to the fireplace, closing the fire off from the room to control the heat output during use. The holiday season is full of festivities that focus on the fireplace. Many homeowners want a roaring fire to be the backdrop of dinners, parties, family photos, and more. In a full house the fire can become a problem, producing too much heat and making everyone miserable. Don’t let your fire ruin your fun. The glass doors can be closed tightly, and the heat will stay within the chimney system and escape the house, and you can continue to enjoy the beautiful flame through ornate custom glass doors.

Glass doors can also be used to close off the chimney system during the off season. During the summer you can lose conditioned air up the chimney. Homeowners also complain of smells during the off season, caused when the humidity of summer combines with the soot. You can avoid these issues by investing in glass doors and having them professionally installed, keeping them closed while the fireplace is not in use.



Another fireplace accessory that goes unnoticed, like glass doors, is the fireplace screen. Screens protect the living area from stray sparks jumping from the fireplace. The screen, usually a mesh made of metal, catches sparks and ashes that would otherwise enter the living space. Homeowners find an easy fix with a fireplace screen. These are also customizable, but do not close tightly like glass doors. If you’re looking to control a roaring fire as well as keep ashes and sparks in the fireplace, glass doors do this as well.

Unlike glass, the metal screens are removable, come in a variety of colors, and can lock into place. Many homeowners with children, or who often have children visiting, opt for a screen because it can be a deterrent for curious children.

Whether you choose a set of glass doors or a fireplace screen, you can get the job done right when you choose Chesapeake Chimney. Our technicians can advice you according to your fireplace and your needs. We send a certified chimney sweep on every job, and they exceed our highest standard.

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