In Southern Maryland the weather is cooling, the leaves have turned, and winter is coming. Fall is one of the most popular times for fireplace installations, and at Chesapeake Chimney & Co. we stay busy during the Fall Rush to bring fire into homes to keep families safe and warm this winter. The great thing about gas fire appliances is the versatility of the units, the easy installation, and the low maintenance and convenience for the homeowners. When you choose Chesapeake Chimney & Co. to install your gas fireplace, we will also service it for the life of the unit. You can count on us, and count on your gas fireplace to keep you safe and warm this winter.

The Benefits of Choosing GasWe service gas fireplaces!

Gas fuel is the cleanest burning fuel, good for the environment, and easy on the wallet. A home with no fireplace or chimney system can have a gas fireplace installed easily, and it can go anywhere. We carry gas appliances of every style and size that will match your need and your home interior.
Gas Raises Value – Choosing a gas fireplace is an easy way to raise the value of your property. Whether you’re looking to sell, refinance, or add value, your gas appliance will do this. Home buyers, realtors, and lessors want fireplaces, but if they’re installed improperly, it will do the opposite. An unsafe fire appliance will instead drop your value and put your family and property in danger.
Location, Location, Location – Your gas appliance can be installed anywhere. Even if you have limited space, we can help you find a gas appliance that will fit anywhere. Whether your space is in a wall, a tight corner, or in an old, worn out fireplace, we have something that will work.
Convenient and Low-Maintenance – Gas appliances are the easiest to use and maintain of any fire appliance on the market. Depending on the model, it may light with a match or a push button and then features precise temperature control. Because of the efficiency of the unit and the fuel, gas appliances need less maintenance. There is less soot deposited in the system and less to clean on a regular basis.

Just like value and safety will be compromised if the fireplace isn’t installed properly, it will also put your family and home at risk if it isn’t used properly. Avoid complication by following your owner’s manual and the recommendations of professionals.

Call Chesapeake & Co. for Gas Services

We are CSIA certified and can complete annual inspections to insure your gas appliance is properly installed. Scheduling routine inspections and service appointments to avoid accidental fire, carbon monoxide poisoning, and property loss, and serious injury. Don’t count on luck, prepare for and prevent the worst. Your gas appliance needs service every 12 months and between appointments if there is a problem. You need to call a Chesapeake Chimney professional if your fireplace is pouring smoke into your home, if there are strong odors of gas or smoke, if the family is experiencing headaches, metallic tastes, feeling light headed, or nauseous.

Discontinue use of your appliance immediately and call us at 410-535-0052.