After burn season is over, you can say goodbye to firewood and hello to summertime when you don’t have to give your fireplace a second thought. Before you jump the gun, however, make sure you’ve taken care of your fireplace, which can greatly benefit you down the line!Your Fireplace in the Spring - Prince Frederick MD - Chesapeake Chimney

Avoid Damage

If you just close your damper, haul your firewood outside, and sweep up all that ash and dust, you may be missing some important steps in closing the fireplace out for the season. After a long winter, it’s important to check for winter damage so that when spring comes along, you don’t have to deal with more damage! Winter damage can open up your masonry to water exposure if it isn’t corrected, and the best way to identify and fix these issues is to schedule a chimney inspection. A certified chimney sweep will assess your chimney from top to bottom and identify hazards that may cost you in the long-run. This is an important appointment to keep annually, because only a chimney expert can identify even small problems that will become big issues by the time burn season arrives in a few months.

Avoid a Stinky Fireplace

When you get in touch with chimney sweep companies to identify hazards with your chimney, most contractors will go ahead and also clean your chimney during a level-one inspection. Get the fireplace and flue cleaned of the creosote, soot, and debris from a long burn season, and you won’t have to worry about nasty odors messing up your summer. If the chimney system is left dirty when summer humidity arrives, you will be left hoping that you let the professionals take care of your chimney sooner! It’s not only quite stinky, but the moisture mixing with the chemicals of the creosote and soot can be corrosive to the masonry.

Extra Protection

If you’re concerned about rainwater this spring, you can schedule waterproofing services with Chesapeake Chimney and protect your masonry completely. ChimneySaver water repellent not only puts a barrier between your masonry and the weather, but it also allows the masonry to continue to vent vapors OUT. You can’t lose with ChimneySaver, which is why we trust these high-quality products year after year.

Ready for Fall

Your chimney system should be cleaned and inspected every 12 months, and should be swept more frequently if necessary. If you:

  1.  schedule an inspection,
  2. schedule a chimney sweep, and
  3. insure your chimney system is waterproof

then your chimney system is ready for burn-season in the fall! You can avoid scheduling services, avoid the “fall rush,” and crank up your fireplace as soon as necessary.

Scheduling services now means that if there is a problem with any part of your chimney system, you can have it repaired before next fall, prevent your chimney from sustaining water damage this spring and summer, and rest assured knowing it’s ready to go.

Let us help you close out your fireplace for the season. Call Chesapeake Chimney & Co now and schedule your spring services. Dial 410-535-0052 or schedule online.