When burn season is over, homeowners across the United States often experience a case of mysterious odors. After some searching and investigating, they might be surprised to find the source. The chimney!

There are a few reasons why a chimney begins to stink, and they all need to be addressed by a professional.Why Does Your Chimney Stink - Prince Frederick MD - Chesapeake

Barbecue/Smoky Odors

If you keep smelling smoky barbecue in your living room, you can suspect your chimney right away. A dirty chimney will always begin to smell when warm weather arrives. This is because summer humidity brings moisture into the chimney system. Afterwards, it mingles with the creosote and soot there, causing the odors. At the same time, there is no fire to drive heat up the chimney. So, the air sinks down into the house. Stinky air. This type of odor means you need to have your chimney swept to remove the soot and creosote clinging to the walls!

Moldy/Mildew Odors

This odor may be harder to identify, as it’s a common odor in laundry rooms, damaged walls, and flooring. If you trace moldy or mildew smells back to your chimney, it means you have a leak. Most likely, the water has been in the chimney long enough to allow bacterial growth, and this may be affecting the air in your home. This can be a serious issue, especially if anyone in the home suffers from asthma or chronic respiratory illness. If your chimney smells moldy or mildew-like, you should have it assessed by a professional who can clean it, identify the leak, and repair it.

Foul/Decomposing Odors

Pungent odors that wreak of decomposition should be dealt with swiftly, because it could be caused from a dead animal in your chimney system. Other reasons for these types of odors are animal droppings and debris such as branches and leaves that are decomposing. Aside than the smell, these things can be dangerous fire hazards during burn season, so they should be removed. A chimney sweep can sweep the chimney, removing this debris, but is also experienced in animal and carcass removal – doing so without disturbing your family in the process.

Preventative Measures

It is easier to prevent occurrences than to deal with them later. You can schedule a chimney sweep and inspection now, and avoid summer disturbances like odors, leaks, and even animal invasion. Routine chimney maintenance and preventative care can help you avoid odors in the off-season, and chimney fires in the burn-season.

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