Professional & Prompt Damper Replacement & Repair

Inside of each chimney, typically in the throat of the system, lies a damper. Traditional dampers, or throat dampers, are metal components that slide in and out of place (typically with the pull of a chain) to open and close off the flue. Unfortunately, these dampers are in the line of fire and can break, corrode, rust into place, or get stuck due to creosote buildup.

What If My Damper Won’t Open Or Close?

A lot of problems can arise from a broken or stuck-in-place damper. If the damper gets stuck in the open position, you can experience heat or conditioned air loss and drafts; if it gets stuck in the closed position, you can experience backdraft, smoke problems, and other issues. Sound familiar?

If you think your damper may be damaged, broken, or ineffective, Chesapeake Chimney can help. Unfortunately, in many cases, broken throat dampers cannot be repaired, so if a little cleaning doesn’t do the trick, it may be time to invest in a new damper. We specialize in damper installation and carry some of the finest and most effective dampers on the market from brands like Lock-Top, Lyemance, and Energy Top. All three brands produce high-quality and effective top-sealing dampers.

What’s A Top-Sealing Damper & Why Should I Switch?

A top-sealing damper is a damper that attaches to the chimney and closes off the flue at the top, instead of down in the throat of the system. Many homeowners see energy savings when they switch to a top-sealing damper. Why? Traditional throat dampers provide a metal-on-metal seal, which isn’t exactly airtight. Top-sealing dampers, on the other hand, have a rubberized seal that truly locks air in and out. Another perk of investing in an energy-top damper is that they work to protect your flue from moisture and animal intrusion (when closed) like a chimney cap. In other words, these easy-to-use dampers do two jobs!

We carry top-sealing dampers in a wide array of sizes, styles, colors, and materials, so whether you’re looking for a stainless steel option or a decorative copper model, we can help.

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