Keep Moisture Out With ChimneySaver Water Repellent

If you’ve ever had a chimney leak, you know the damage it can cause. But what can be done to protect you from leaks in the future? Aside from keeping up with annual chimney inspections and making sure your chimney is properly capped, crowned, and flashed, the best way to prevent future chimney leaks is to have your chimney masonry professionally waterproofed.

Here at Chesapeake Chimney, we work with the most trusted professional water repellent on the market: ChimneySaver. Unlike consumer waterproofing products that can be obtained at the local hardware store, ChimneySaver’s water repellent products are 100% vapor-permeable.

Why is vapor permeability important? Great question!

When you burn a fire in your fireplace or stove, moisture is produced and vented through the chimney system. Unfortunately, when you waterproof your masonry with a product that is not 100% vapor-permeable, this moisture can remain trapped inside the masonry, where it can virtually destroy brick and mortar from the inside out. In other words, traditional waterproofing products can actually do your chimney more harm than good. ChimneySaver, on the other hand, brings protection without risk.

Breathable Protection

ChimneySaver’s water repellent products are designed for masonry chimneys and don’t simply sit on the surface of the brick and seal it off. Instead, they are partially absorbed by the brick and mortar and allow small vapor molecules to pass through, while blocking out large water molecules. The result: professional grade protection that can’t be beat!

In addition to ChimneySaver’s protection against water, these products also work to prevent:

  • efflorescence and stains
  • mildew, fungus, and other vegetation
  • freeze/thaw damage

ChimneySaver is available in both a water-based and solvent-based formula and carries a 10-year warranty when professionally applied.

Sheer, Non-Glossy Protection

Worried about the way the product will look on your masonry?ChimneySaver provides a non-glossy finish, so no one will even know it’s there! You’ll simply enjoy the look of your chimney without worrying about the damaging effects of water!

If you’d like to have your chimney professionally waterproofed by a Chesapeake Chimney team member, please call 410-535-0052 or click here. Our technicians are committed to providing the best possible service and to keeping the chimneys of Southern Maryland dry and beautiful, season after season. Call or click to request your appointment today!


We will find the source of your chimney leak and fix it the right way the first time. It’s all part of our professional chimney and venting services.