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Napoleon: High Country 5000

Napoleon’s High Country™ 5000 wood burning fireplace is perfect for adding the impact of a European-inspired, clean face fireplace, with the traditional comfort of a wood-burning fireplace. Built-in horizontal and vertical airflow directional ridges supercharge the air below and behind the wood creating extremely fast start-ups and direct the smoke up and to the back of the firebox for the ultimate clean burning experience. The counterbalanced, ZERO GRAVITY™ screen and door operate independently with ease, making lighting, and loading of this fireplace effortless. When not in use, the flue and outside air damper close all the way to minimize heat loss in the home. Bask in the glow of a wood fire that will add warmth, impact, and luxury to your favorite space.

•Clean Burning
•ZERO GRAVITY™ Door System
•Glass Swings Open
•Firebox Aerodynamics
•10″ Diameter Chimney Allowed
•Steel andirons in Charcoal Finish
•Outside Air Control lever

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