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Napoleon: Oakville X4

The Oakville™ is a deluxe Gas Fireplace Insert offering the same quality features as the Oakville™ and includes exclusive NIGHT LIGHT™ detail that radiates a warm glow throughout the room, even when the fireplace is off. This unit has an exclusive dual burner split-flow system that results in a firebox filled with a stunning triple flame pattern and allows the option of independently operating the front and rear burners. Installation is simpler, with the ability to slide the firebox all the way to the back of the existing fireplace opening. The Oakville™ provides additional BTU’s for added heat. Directional baffles increase airflow to help drive the heat throughout your home for maximum efficiency. The perfect solution for replacing and updating an inefficient old masonry setting.

•Up to 30,000 BTU’s with a high performance “H” style burner that provides a stunning, full-firebox flame display
•Clean Face Design and Flush Finish Accessories
•Slide the unit all the way back into the insert cavity
•Full view design with a massive 340 sq. in. viewing area
•SIT Proflame II Electronic Ignition for easy and reliable startups
•Exclusive NIGHT LIGHT™ radiates a warm glow to the room even when the fireplace is off
•Premium clean face safety barrier maximizes viewing area
•Directional baffles increase air flow for maximum blower efficiency
•Clean contemporary faceplates and backerplates available for design flexibility
•Wide range of media kits, brick panels and porcelain panels available for endless design possibilities
•Superior heat circulating blower standard
•Optional Faceplates 2.5″ and 5″ Widths In 3-Sided Or 4-Sided Configurations

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