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Regency: Regency: Excalibur P90E

Timeless Arch Design

The gentle arched design of the Regency Excalibur® P90E provides a dreamy backdrop for radiant flames. Lounge in the warmth of a fire so
authentic, it mirrors a real wood burning fire. Glowing embers and real, artisan crafted split logs elevate the experience. Enjoy the additional
option customizing your fireplace in over 40 ways to make it your Regency.

• Natural gas
• Ceramic glass

• Log set with embers
• Fire grate

• Black brick panel floor

• Variable speed blower

• Proflame II GTMF remote control
• Electronic Ignition

• Flame height adjustment control
• Limited lifetime warranty

Decorative Front *

Fireplace Interiors *

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