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Superior: Dual-Burner Log Set (30")

The DUAL-BURNER Series features a unique dancing yellow flame and glowing ember burner system to achieve the look and feel of a real wood fire. Combined with highly detailed logs that are molded from real timber and hand painted to capture the essence of nature, results in a striking appearance and flame pattern. DUAL-BURNER log sets deliver the charm of a wood burning fire with the convenience of gas.
•Available in 24in, 30in and 36in sizes
•Tall dancing yellow flames and glowing embers create wood fire realism
•Artistically crafted ceramic refractory logs capture the wood grain texture and color of natural logs
•Wall Control Electronic Ignition burner system offers hard wired 110v ignition and optional wall switch or remote control for hidden and convenient operation
•Electronic Ignition burner system with battery ignition and hand-held remote control (On-Off, Timer, Digital Display)
•For use in fully vented, wood burning fireplaces operated with the damper completely open
•3-year limited warranty

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