Protect Your Chimney & Your Investment With A New Chimney Cap Or Chase Cover

Have you ever been caught in the rain without an umbrella? Well, if your chimney isn’t properly capped and covered, it knows your frustrations! The chimney is up and out there in the elements, day in and day out, and if you want to keep it in great shape, there are a couple of things you simply must have: a chimney cap and, if prefabricated, a chase cover.

Chimney Caps

Chimney caps are galvanized steel, stainless steel, or copper adornments that fit onto your flue to prevent moisture, animals, insects, and debris from entering the flue and chimney system. Unfortunately, caps can rust, come loose, and even blow off in strong storms, leaving the chimney flue virtually unprotected.

If you’re in need of a new chimney cap to keep your system protected during rain, snow, sleet, and every other type of weather, we can help. We sell and install high-quality Gelco chimney caps, which are carefully crafted and cross-braced for added strength and durability. We have easy-clean options that won’t need to come off during a chimney sweeping, as well as options that are perfect for multi-flue chimneys and chimneys that wrestle with draft problems.

Each Gelco cap carries a lifetime warranty, and when you have your new cap installed by a Chesapeake Chimney & Co. professional, you can expect a perfect fit – guaranteed.

New Looking Chimney With 2 Capped Flues

Chase Covers

Chase covers are metal components that serve as the prefabricated chimney’s version of a crown. Located below the cap, these covers seal off the chimney, with the exception of the flue pipe, and protect it from water, animals, and other damaging intruders.

If your prefabricated chimney is lacking a chase cover, the time to act is now! Prefabricated chimneys are constructed of metal, and when left unprotected and exposed to water, they can quickly corrode, rust, and deteriorate.

Here at Chesapeake Chimney & Co., we install EverGuard chase covers, which are built of durable stainless steel or copper. Like Gelco chimney caps, EverGuard chase covers are constructed with cross-break seams to ensure greater strength and durability. Unlike galvanized chase covers, EverGuard chase covers are built to last and last – not simply give you a handful of years’ worth of protection. Your EverGuard chase cover will be custom-fitted specifically for your chimney chase and will carry a lifetime warranty, as long as you remain the owner of your home.

Two Chimneys With Chimney Caps

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