Expert Chimney Inspections & System Evaluations

Almost all home heating systems – including furnaces, boilers, wood stoves, and fireplaces – rely on chimneys to safely and effectively vent the exhaust they produce to the outside of your home. Do you know what type of condition your chimney is in? Is it equipped to properly do its job? The best way to find out is to schedule a chimney inspection and evaluation with a Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified chimney professional.

Inspections are such an important part of home maintenance that the CSIA and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommend that they be annually performed, regardless of chimney use. When performed by a professional, you can expect your chimney inspection and system evaluation to provide you with an accurate and thorough assessment of your chimney’s condition, from top to bottom.

But not all inspections are created equal! There are 3 levels of inspections as determined by the NFPA:

  • Level 1 – Level 1 inspections are relatively simple and don’t require any specialized tools. In many cases, if no changes have been noticed and the system has been kept in good condition, a level 1 will suffice.
  • Level 2 – Level 2 inspections involve video technology and tools and are recommended when changes are made or noticed. For example, if you are replacing an appliance or flue liner, or you’ve noticed a lot more smoke than usual, a level 2 should be scheduled. Additionally, these should be performed when a property changes hands.
  • Level 3 – Level 3 inspections are saved for situations where a level 1 or 2 cannot uncover the root of the problem. These inspections may involve the removal of parts of the system or surrounding areas of the home and are really a last resort.

Get A Close-Up Look With Chim-Scan Video Technology

Here at Chesapeake Chimney & Co., we use Chim-Scan video technology during our inspections to scan the chimney flue and get a close-up look at the interior of the system. This technology allows us to capture real-time video footage, as well as photos, so we can share our findings with you.

We’ll check for any buildup, blockages, holes, cracks, or other signs of damage or deterioration and compile a written report of any of our findings or recommendations. Our goal, during a chimney inspection, is to identify any areas of concern and any dangers or hazards that need to be addressed for safety, efficiency, and longevity reasons. We work hard to reduce the fire and carbon monoxide risk of our neighbors in Calvert, Charles, St. Mary’s, and southern Anne Arundel and Prince George’s counties, and help our customers get more enjoyment out of their chimney systems and homes.

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One of the necessary chimney services we provide is chimney relining to keep your chimney in safe operating condition. Ask us for more details.