Repair Or Resurface Your Chimney With HeatShield®

For decades, clay tiles were used to line chimneys, not just here in the Southern Maryland area, but all over the world. Unfortunately, although durable, clay liners can undergo damage, rendering them less effective and making the fireside experience unnecessarily risky. For years, the only solution to a damaged clay liner was to reline, but thanks to HeatShield®, that’s no longer the only option.

HeatShield® is a cerfractory sealant that, when professionally applied, can repair clay tile liners and restore the safety and effectiveness of the flue liner once more. There are 3 different application processes, so whether your chimney liner is cracked here and there or deteriorating from top to bottom, HeatShield® can help. No matter which process we’re performing, we prep and clean the flue liner and use a specialized foam applicator to apply and smooth the product. Here are the 3 applications and how they can help:

  • Minor Repairs: The first application is really more for minor liner damage, like a few cracks, gaps, or holes here and there. During the repair process, we’ll apply the HeatShield`® product to the hole, crack, or gap, and use the foam applicator to really press the product in and smooth it over.
  • Major Repairs: If your liner damage is more spread out and more extensive, we’ll pour the HeatShield® product down into the flue, using the foam applicator to evenly distribute and smooth out the product all over. The result: a smooth, smoke-tight surface.
  • Relining: In some instances, the chimney’s interior needs to be resurfaced and reinforced. For these situations, we apply the HeatShield® product as we do in application #2, slip a sleeve down into the flue, and then apply another layer of HeatShield®. This process works to provide a smooth, smoke-tight surface, while insulating and reinforcing the structural strength of the chimney.

After each application, we use video scanning equipment to check our work and make sure your flue is fully repaired and ready to vent your appliance.

Not Sure If HeatShield® Is Right For Your Home?

The best way to determine whether or not HeatShield® is a good fit for your chimney is to schedule a Chim-Scan Video Inspection with a Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified sweep. Using video technology, we’ll scan the surface of your flue, let you know how much damage is present (if any), and share our recommendations. To request an appointment to have your flue inspected, call 410-535-0052 or click here. Quality, customer-oriented service is just a call or click away!


If your chimney liner needs to be completely replaced, one of our stainless steel liner options can solve your chimney relining problem.