Now is a great time to start thinking about your fireplace. If you’re unhappy with the one you have or would like to add a fireplace to your home, we have everything you need to make a great choice about your fireplace. Inserts, stoves, manufactured fireplaces, and custom builds—we sell and install them all here at Chesapeake Chimney & Co, southern Maryland’s longest-serving, certified chimney sweep company. We carry only the best models of fire appliances from the best brands.

Regency Fireplace Products

fire in fireplaceFounded in 1979 in Canada, Regency Fireplace Products began in a garage where Robert Little designed and constructed wood stoves by himself. Within a short time, the outfit grew into a marketing and manufacturing organization with over 300 employees. Regency products are of the highest quality due to their four cornerstones of great fireplace products: high quality, good value, clean burning efficiency, and beautiful aesthetics. The team now includes innovative designers, creators, marketers and more that together work toward their company goal—creating quality products that bring people together. When you purchase a Regency Fireplace Product you can count on quality and the warmth and ambiance of the fire itself will bring your family together in the best way.

All of Regency’s fireplace products are research-based, using 3D CAD technology and cutting edge manufacturing resources to quickly respond to market needs and be at the cutting edge of the industry. All products are certified through in-house laboratories and are top-rated for safety and efficiency. Regency handles the safety during the manufacture of their fine products so the homeowner can experience the beauty and warmth of a hearth. Our customers can choose from gas, wood, pellet, and electric products from Regency.

Majestic Products

In 1894, the Majestic company was founded in Morence, Michigan by James M. Triggs who set out to make his mark manufacturing cast iron furnaces and coal chutes. It was in the 1930s that Majestic designed and built its first factory-built fireplace and has been since. Majestic produces wood and gas fireplaces known for outstanding durability, superior quality, and stunningly good looks. When shopping Majestic you can choose any style ranging from traditional to contemporary, indoor or outdoor, big or small. Pick up the newest trends and the most advanced technologies when you purchase a gas, wood, or electric Majestic product from Chesapeake Chimney & Co.

Napoleon Products

Creating innovative designs and products since it got its name in 1981, Napoleon leads the industry in patented technology and design and it all started with the glass door. The company quickly grew, and Napoleon wood stoves designed with quality steel and ceramic glass doors soon traveled throughout North America.

Napoleon continues to lead the way in innovated patented technology today, including products like PHAZER® logs and gas grills, and many of the most advanced fireplace technologies in the industry. Through innovative design and engineering, advanced manufacturing, exceptional customer service, quality testing and control, and superior warranties Napoleon has grown and thrived in just a few decades. Their commitment to quality, research, and customer care are only a few reasons why we carry their brand at Chesapeake Chimney & Co.

Vermont Castings

A Hearth & Home Technologies (HHT) company, Vermont Castings manufactures gas, electric, pellet, and wood-burning appliances including inserts, fireplaces, and stoves. A Vermont Castings appliance often means a more efficient fire due to key technologies of the brand.

  • FlexBurn stoves burn with or without a catalyst. These stoves even achieve up to 15% higher efficiency on low burns with a catalyst in place. This means less wood burned and it burns completely with higher heat output. The FlexBurn stoves save you money and fuel, produce less pollution, and create less creosote buildup.
  • Top load technology increases the load capacity of a stove by allowing homeowners to load firewood from the top. Instead of limiting the space you can add fuel and thereby limiting the size and capacity of your fire, you’re able to load it up to the top. This method is safer and cleaner and keeps all ash and embers contained within the stove. This design releases less smoke into the home and allows for cooking on the stove surface.
  • Continuous Combustion Control (C3) keeps adjusting the air controls for you so that you don’t have to. This heat-activated technology doesn’t require electricity of manual air controls to automatically adjust and deliver the optimal amount of air to your fire.

When shopping for a new hearth product for your home, look to a local chimney sweep company before shopping online. Chesapeake Chimney & Co. and companies like it curate their product list specifically, handpicking the best manufacturers on the market for their valued customers. We pride ourselves on carrying only the best products and that means partnering with the best brands.

To check out our favorite products and start planning your new install, call Chesapeake at 410-535-0052 and talk with a certified chimney sweep today.