The holidays are the best time of year to enjoy a clean and beautiful fireplace. When you make sure your chimney is swept, you can gather around a warm hearth for family gatherings, evening lounging, and gift exchanges. You won’t have to worry about smoke, odors, and fire risk. When your chimney is clean, it’s efficient, safe, and warm.Have Your Chimney Swept - Prince Frederick, MD - Chesapeake Chimney

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Now is the time to schedule your chimney sweep with a certified professional. CSIA certified chimney sweeps are busy this time of year, so it’s important to schedule now. If you haven’t had your chimney inspected or swept in the last calendar year, you can schedule now, and it will be ready for the holidays, and you can even have it done before winter!

The Importance of a Clean Chimney

When your chimney is clean, it works better. Every time a fire burns in the fireplace, the chimney is working. Creosote and soot rise up the chimney and coat the flue walls. These materials bring down the safety and efficiency of the entire chimney system, wasting resources, and putting your health and home at risk.

  • Prevent Creosote Buildup
    Creosote is an organic fuel byproduct made up mostly of tar (making it flammable). As the creosote stays in the flue, it builds up, heating up as the chimney heats up, and evaporating the water molecules within. As the creosote cools, it is transformed into a hardened form, or “glazed creosote”, which is highly flammable. Glazed creosote, also called level 3 buildup, is more difficult to remove. Creosote removal is extremely important for the safety and efficiency of the chimney system. A creosote fire can be devastating, and completely damage a chimney in seconds.
  • Decrease Fire Risk
    Not only is creosote flammable, but the flue itself is subject to high temperatures constantly when the fire is burning. When soot and creosote stay on the flue liner, especially if combined by humidity or moisture, it becomes corrosive. This damages the liner over time. When the chimney is swept regularly, this buildup is prevented, and any corrosion or damage is discovered before it causes devastating loss.
  • Increase Efficiency
    Burn less wood for the same amount of heat with a clean chimney. The air flows unobstructed up the chimney and allows for an efficient, clean burn. An efficient chimney system means the fire burns hotter, has less risk of fire, and all of the smoke and particles go up the chimney, not into the home.

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There are more benefits to a clean chimney than a happy Santa on Christmas Eve. A beautiful and cozy fireplace is just what you need to make all of your favorite holiday festivities come to life. Review fireplace safety with loved ones and guests for the best and safest experience this winter, and call Chesapeake Chimney & Co for all of your chimney maintenance needs.

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