With less than a month until Memorial Day, families are moving outside for fun and festivities. Whether you’re hosting a party or just looking to grill out with the family, your grill should be in tip-top shape. Make sure your grill is ready for Memorial Day by having it professionally serviced today.

Professional Grill Cleaningclose up of a grill with burgers, vegetables and sausages on grill rods above a fire

When you call on Chesapeake Chimney & Co. to clean your gas grill, you can count on it being safe and ready to use for the whole summer season. When we clean grills we:

  • Remove grease, food, and buildup from the grill racks and heat plates
  • Scrape the grill’s interior and vacuum it out
  • Clean every area of the grill, including the hood, knobs, drip pans, and pullout tray
  • Remove and thoroughly clean the burners
  • Remove spider webs, bugs, and blockages
  • Inspect the burners, ignitors, tubes, thermometer, pressure regulator, and all other components

If anything is wrong with your gas grill, we can detect it and repair it. Once your gas grill is cleaned it will work better, using your fuel more efficiently and cooking your food with a consistent temperature. A clean grill works better and lasts longer. A clean grill will be free of carcinogenic buildup that might contaminate your food. Professionally cleaned grills also have less of a chance for a dangerous grease fire and will not malfunction during your barbecue! If you have a new gas grill from a top manufacturer you may need professional service in order to maintain your warranty.

Outdoor Fire Pits

Before you send out the invitations for your Memorial Day barbecue, make sure the rest of your outdoor space is ready to perform as well. Don’t let your gas fire pit let you down. You can schedule a gas fire pit service at the same time as your gas grill service and one of our professionals will make sure it’s ready for the big get-together. During a fire pit tune-up, your entire gas fire pit is inspected for gas leaks and faulty or damaged parts. Your gas fire appliance will be safer and use gas more efficiently when it’s professionally cleaned and inspected.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Kitchen

You can upgrade your tired charcoal grill and purchase a new gas grill from Chesapeake Chimney & Co. We sell gas grills and outdoor gas fire pits from the industry’s top brands, uniquely stylish and perfect for entertaining. Nothing brings together a party like a fire pit to gather around and a grill with sizzling foods to enjoy.

Call Chesapeake at 410-535-0052 and talk with an expert about the outdoor space of your dreams. We can match you with a gas grill that will accommodate your needs and a fire pit to accommodate your space. You may also make an appointment online.