Are you a homeowner in need of a fireplace, but don’t have a fireplace, or the funds to build one? You don’t need a costly construction in order to enjoy a fire this winter. With the coldest weeks of winter still ahead of us, make the decision to install a stove now. At Chesapeake Chimney & Co. we sell and install gas, wood, and pellet stoves, and then we service them as well!

Why Choose Stoves?

What stove is best for you?

Stoves are a great addition to any space because they bring heat, efficiency, and style. Even gas and pellet stoves feature a fire-viewing window with beautiful flames and realistic ceramic logs. Stoves are especially nice because they can be installed anywhere, no matter the size of the space. We use special fire resistant products which protect the walls and floors even in tight spaces, and can help you choose a unit that compliments your space and your home–even your personality. We can match you with a gas, wood, or pellet stove that is sleek and contemporary or rustic and traditional, and a variety of styles and tastes in between. Your new stove will be more efficient than a traditional fireplace, environmentally friendly, and of the top brands in the industry.

Gas Stoves

If you’re looking for convenience above all else, gas is for you. The gas stove will ignite with the press of a button, even from a remote control, and it’s temperature control is precise and immediate. Your gas stove will produce enough heat for zone heating and ambiance, burns cleanly, emits less pollution, and is extremely safe. Gas stoves even have movable ceramic logs with incredible details to make the fire more lifelike. If you have members of the family with asthma, allergies, or other breathing disorders, a gas fireplace will fit right in. It won’t affect the breathable air in the home whatsoever.

Pellet Stoves

One step below gas stoves in convenience and one step above wood stoves for the same, pellet stoves are a very popular option. Pellets are a wood product that burns cleanly, with far less creosote and soot than wood, but which is bought and stored for use. Pellets produce the temperatures of wood heat, but without the mess or the work. The stoves feature an ignitor that lights the stove, and the flame is fed by an automatic hopper which helps to keep the flame consistent. This stove is the perfect option for homeowners who want all the authenticity of a wood stove, but who may not have access to a wood supply.

Wood Stoves

The potbelly stove of the past has evolved into something mesmerizing today. Wood stoves on the market today are efficient, safe, and easy to use. Your wood stove, when installed and maintained properly, should be easy to light and will produce enough heat for warmth and comfort. Some wood stoves can even be used for primary heat. It’s important to have a good source of properly seasoned firewood for your wood stove, whether you have your own supply or you purchase it.

Be sure to discuss your plans with a Chesapeake Chimney expert so that we can match you with the right fuel source and the right capacity for your use and your space.

Start with us so that we can get started now! You can have a new stove installed before the coldest temps of the year. Call us today at 410-535-0052.