Many homeowners choose a gas fireplace over wood because of the convenience and low-maintenance of the units. They are great for small condos, apartment buildings, and even moving into more and more hotels and B&Bs. This is because even when you install multiple, they still save you more money to run and still cost less to maintain! Have you had your gas fireplace serviced recently? The gas fireplace should be professionally serviced once every twelve months in order to work safely and properly. Here is why:Importance of Gas Fireplace Service - Prince Frederick MD - Chesapeake Chimney

The Difference in Wood and Gas

Your gas fireplace doesn’t produce ash, and it produces almost no soot. Compared with a wood fireplace, this is almost nothing. Wood fireplaces can produce bucket loads of soot and ash throughout a burning season, sometimes even requiring multiple sweepings (especially if improper wood is used). Gas fireplaces may not produce as much soot and ash, but as gas burns, a main byproduct that results is water vapor. The average gas furnace actually produces 1 ½ gallons of water into the chimney every hour! There are two problems that can occur with this amount of water going up the chimney on a regular basis if your fireplace isn’t serviced:
The water left in the chimney is highly acidic and corrosive and will damage the flue from the inside out.
A neglected fireplace will work less efficiently, making the buildup of this acidic and corrosive water worse in the flue.If you are a new homeowner, or have lived in the home for over twelve months without scheduling a service appointment for your gas fireplace, you may notice signs of water damage caused from a neglected or inefficient unit.

Signs may include:

  • Damp patches on interior or exterior walls
  • Peeling wallpaper
  • Blistering paint
  • Stains on ceiling, walls, and around the chimney
  • White stains on the outside of the masonry chimney
  • Eroded mortar joints
  • Crumbling bricks

When to Call Professionals

There are things that you can do to keep your fireplace working properly. First, make sure you follow directions from the manufacturer regarding use and maintenance. Second, check fuel connections, hinges, and visually inspect the unit and chimney as often as you check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. In addition, schedule a gas fireplace service appointment with Chesapeake Chimney every twelve months. Only a professional can spot a problem before it’s a hazard. Chesapeake takes pride in serving Southern Maryland and our technicians are CSIA-trained and certified to offer the best services to our customers.

Schedule during the summer and avoid the fall rush. We’ll make sure your gas fireplace is safe for summer and ready for winter by checking all connections, cleaning the glass, logs, firebox, and checking for gas and carbon monoxide.

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