During a home sale or a transfer of ownership through some other avenue, the chimney cannot be forgotten. Actually, the chimney is a deciding factor for a lot of prospective home buyers. That means, if it’s in good condition, you should use it to market your home to the right buyers. If your chimney isn’t in good condition you need to schedule an inspection right away. It can be an asset or a hindrance. Find out quickly which one.

selling or buying a home with a chimney - prince frederick md - chesapeake chimneyDisclosure Statement

When making a real estate sale there are a lot of factors and a lot to consider. It is a stressful time. Don’t make it harder on yourself by cutting corners. If you fail to have your chimney inspected by a proper inspector you may violate the disclosure statement in your sale contract. You are required to disclose the condition of all aspects of the property upon sale. If you are unable to have the chimney inspected, or if you haven’t used it in years, you may consider selling “as is”, and avoiding the legal ramifications of neglecting the inspection.

When Selling

Seeking a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep® (CCS) to inspect the chimney system and provide a detailed report for the prospective buyer is your responsibility as a motivated seller. Chimney sweeps are happy to provide these services. They will sometimes provide a repair plan so that the prospective buyer is inclined to use them for any repair needs. A certified chimney sweep is the best and only valid option for your chimney inspection. A home inspector does not have the expertise to properly judge a chimney and detect problems with the chimney system. A standard home inspection checklist includes an inspection of masonry from flaking and crumbling. Also, an overall look at the roof, flashing, chimney, and crown. However, there is not a detailed account of the inner-workings of the chimney.

When Buying

Look for a chimney inspection by a certified chimney sweep. If you can, have the cost of an inspection included in the mortgage amount or require it as part of the disclosure agreement. Again, the standard home inspection includes only the structural “look” of the chimney, and any visible damage. A homeowner can notice this type of damage as well. Consequently, it usually means there is extensive unseen damage already occurred. It’s a certified chimney sweep that will notice a problem and report it before damage is noticeable. This is the type of information you need to have.

What if you don’t plan to use the chimney, if you have your own chimney sweep in mind for later, or if you don’t have the money up front to pay for a chimney inspection? You should schedule one anyway. Many professional chimney sweep companies will work with you on cost and payment schedule in order to keep your family and property safe and comfortable.

Next, you should educate yourself on the chimney system. What kind of fuel is it designed to burn? When is the last time it was serviced? Are there any recurring problems with this type of design? A certified chimney sweep can assist you in answering all of these questions, and any more that your home owners insurance company may require.

Whether you’re buying or selling this season, you want to have an up-to-date account of the chimney system, including all the visible and invisible parts. Don’t depend on the home inspector to notice things that only a certified chimney sweep knows to look for. Don’t be disappointed later. Make the call now.

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