If you are busy this spring with a to-do list a mile long, you may prioritize according to budget or time. It’s important that you prioritize your chimney system with the same importance you do with auto maintenance, home repairs, and your own personal health. Your chimney system can be one the most dangerous systems in your home. Important routine services should be completed annually, and repairs made quickly.

Common Winter Damagecrumbling masonry chimney on roof with snow

After a long winter, your masonry chimney may have winter damage caused by the Freeze/thaw cycle. This happens when water penetrating the masonry and then freezing and thawing repeatedly throughout winter. This usually includes water damage to the chimney interior or exterior and the home itself. Over time the mortar can become damaged, cracked, and crumble away. This effect on masonry is called spalling and it can result in damaged flashing, roofing materials. If the spalling masonry isn’t repaired properly, it can lead to damage during the off-season. Damages such as these cause efficiency and safety issues when burn season returns.

Common Spring Repairs

Because spalling masonry is common throughout the life of the chimney, masonry repairs are commonly scheduled during spring. These and other repairs are ideal for springtime because the weather is fair enough for outdoor repairs and because the fireplace isn’t being used anymore. Winter repairs require homeowners to discontinue use for at least 24 hours before a service call. Completing repairs in the spring doesn’t interrupt the use of your fireplace or appliance at all. Springtime is also ideal for chimney repairs because homeowners can utilize tax refunds to cover the cost of necessary repairs.

Masonry Repairs

Our master masons at Chesapeake Chimney & Co. complete tuckpointing to correct and restore spalling masonry, We also repair crowns, dampers, and fireboxes to keep the chimney system working efficiently and protected from water and weather.


Depending on the extent of the damage or the age of the liner, our team at Chesapeake may be able to repair the damage or reline it completely. We use HeatShield® to repair minor damage like cracks and gaps, and we can use it to completely resurface a damaged liner and reinforce it in the process. We are not only certified HeatShield® dealers, but we also install high quality and long-lasting stainless steel liners.


Your chimney should be adequately protected from water at all times, whether the chimney is in use or not. At Chesapeake Chimney & Co., we specialize in waterproofing services, including inspecting, repairing, and installing flashing, caps, and crowns, and we can apply a ChimneySaver Water Repellent.

Call for an appointment today if you have noticed problems with your chimney’s performance. Make sure you are have inspections at least once a year. It’s difficult to stop the problem when you don’t know what the problem is!

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