Over time even well-constructed and well-maintained chimneys can become damaged. In fact, this is common when people do not take preventative measures, storms, or harsh winters. Small damages don’t have to ruin your chimney or put your family at risk. You should schedule your masonry repairs now to keep your it working this winter. When you schedule your appointment this summer, you will save money in repairs and injuries down the road.Summer is for Masonry Repairs - Prince Frederick MD - Chesapeake Chimney

Common Masonry Repairs

At Chesapeake Chimney, we see a lot of masonry repairs during the summer to correct winter damage. We often even have to help restore and update a neglected chimney after a sale. It doesn’t matter what the problem is with your masonry, the style, type of stone, or how old the mortar is, we can repair it.

  • Tuckpointing – The process by which a professional removes spalling masonry (cracked, flaking, and falling brick and mortar) and replace it with new mortar. By hiring an experienced professional, you will see that your new mortar is the same consistency, color, and strength as the old mortar. If it is done incorrectly, it actually weakens the masonry instead of strengthening it and makes the chimney look visibly different.
  • Crown Repair – Everyday, your crown is outside trying to withstand the weather and sunlight. It’s important to hire a professional for crown repair and replacement so that the job is done correctly and the crown properly direct water away from the flue and the masonry. When crown damage is caught early through a routine inspection, it is easier and cheaper to repair. Make sure you schedule inspections annually to prevent damages and save money.
  • Firebox Repair – This is the most used part of the entire system, and often it’s the most overlooked. Both heat and corrosive chemicals will deteriorate the masonry. Don’t put off your firebox repairs! Damage to the firebox allow heat to break down the wood in your home and eventually lead to a devastating fire. Damage to the firebox may also affect airflow through the flue, bringing down efficiency.
  • Damper Repair & Replacement – Dampers need to be replaced periodically due to regular use, disrepair, and water damage. When we replace dampers, we install energy-top dampers so that our customers can start to save money right away. Energy-top dampers save homeowners money year-round in utilities and protect the chimney opening completely with a tight-sealing cap.

Let the experts handle your repairs!

If you have a chimney masonry problem at your home or business in Southern Maryland, Chesapeake Chimney can take care of it now. Schedule now, and avoid damage, fire, or injury this winter. When it comes to damaged masonry, the more time you wait, more damage occurs. Avoid costly repairs and parts replacements by scheduling masonry repairs right now! Call Chesapeake Chimney at 410-535-0052 or schedule online.