Fall is just a few weeks away and we’re getting calls about winter prep already! This is actually a great sign that our customers are taking chimney and chimney damperfireplace safety seriously. Our team at Chesapeake Chimney & Co. recommends our customers schedule valuable services before the first fires this fall. Chimney sweeps and inspections are vital for chimney safety and efficiency. During one of these appointments, a chimney expert may identify hazards or problems that can affect your fire this fall or put your family and home at risk. Your chimney sweep may recommend a repair or new installation to fix a problem, but we may make other recommendations purely for the savings.

Top-Sealing Dampers Save Money

Along with the rest of the chimney industry, we are recommending our customers switch to top-sealing dampers to save money. These dampers install at the top of the flue instead of the traditional throat damper and are an affordable way to save money and protect your system year-round. Traditional open fireplaces equipped with throat dampers and chimney caps allow conditioned and heated air to escape the home when it should stay put. This can cost you hundreds or thousands of extra dollars every year. Not with the top-sealing damper! When it’s closed, the airtight seal prevents all air from escaping or entering the system. Not only does this save money on utilities, but it also saves you money in maintenance and repairs.

Top-Sealing Dampers Prevent Damage

Because of the airtight seal of the top-sealing damper, water, moisture, wind, and humidity cannot penetrate the system when it’s closed. This is the only system that protects the chimney from the top-down. When it’s closed, the damper acts as a chimney cap, preventing animals, water, and wind from entering. Installing a top-sealing damper today can prevent water damage caused by chimney leaks and other damages like corrosion from humidity mingling with soot and creosote.

Installing a Top-Sealing Damper

It may seem complicated to replace a throat damper (at the bottom of the flue) with a top-sealing damper placed at the top of the chimney. The truth is, it’s not difficult to install or to use. The damper is controlled by a cord that runs from the damper to the hearth opening. When you’re ready to light a fire in the fireplace, open the damper by pulling on the cord. Once the fire is completely out, the damper can be closed again to protect your system and prevent the heat in your house from escaping out the chimney.

Save money tomorrow by installing a top-sealing damper today. Call Chesapeake Chimney and Co. to find out how a new damper can benefit you.

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