This is the time of year when homeowners begin closing out their chimney systems for the off-season. Many burn fires daily throughout winter, and the chimneys are filled with soot, creosote, and possibly debris that can make for a dangerous combination this fall. Make sure your system is ready for spring, summer, and fall, by scheduling a chimney inspection today. Spring is a great time to schedule an inspection because this simple appointment may prevent leaks during the wet season, odors during humid summers, and dangerous fires in fall. At Chesapeake Chimney & Co. we take chimney diagnostics and safety seriously. That’s why we use a Chim-Scan video scanning system to get the best look at the inside of your chimney. 

NFPA Inspectionsbrick chimney

Chimney inspections fall into three categories according to NFPA standards.

Level One – A simple assessment which doesn’t require special tools. The technician will visually inspect the structure and connections for soundness and safety. Schedule a level one inspection if there are no changes or problems with your system. 

Level Two – Includes a visual assessment of the exterior as well as a video inspection of the interior. Schedule a level two inspection when a problem is suspected when changes have been made to the system, or a natural occurrence has affected the system. 

Level Three – When a serious hazard is detected, a level three inspection is necessary, and some minor demolition may be required to gain access to the hazard. Parts of the masonry, crown, or surrounding areas may be removed or affected. 

At Chesapeake Chimney & Co. we take our inspections one step further and use video scanning for every inspection. This gives us an up-close view of the interior of the system and gives our customers peace of mind when we recommend repairs or report no problems at all. Using Chim-Scan video technology we are better able to check for buildup, blockages, gaps, cracks, and other types of damage or deterioration. With this information, we are able to offer our customers a detailed written report which you can use for insurance purposes or for your own records. 

This is our job and our mission, to keep our customers, friends, and neighbors safe in and around Calvert, Charles, St. Mary’s, and Southern Anne Arundel and Prince George’s counties. If you reside in our service area, call us for your spring inspection using the best technologies available. 

During a routine inspection, we will catch any problems that can hinder your safety or experience no matter what the season. A dirty chimney system can cause odors and health problems for people dwelling in the home. A damaged chimney system can lead to chimney leaks which can deteriorate the system and damage other parts of the home. Finally, having the chimney system inspected NOW means your system is ready and waiting for safe use this fall. 

Request an inspection today by calling 410-535-0052 or schedule online.