When temperatures begin to fall, it’s time to prepare for winter! Here in Southern Maryland, winters can be harsh, and fall can come quickly. Homeowners should be sure the chimney and fireplace are ready for burn season before lighting the first fire of the year. Schedule your routine maintenance now, and you can rest assured that your chimney is ready. Wait, and you might be caught in the cold!Weather Cools & Business Heats Up - Prince Frederick MD - Chesapeake

Schedule Now and Avoid the Fall Rush

From October to January, chimney sweep companies are busy with emergency calls, repairs, and installations. Routine maintenance should be completed before this time, otherwise you might not get your desired appointment time or the the technician you want. You may have to put off your first fire if you haven’t had your chimney swept or inspected for safety. Don’t risk being left in the cold, or resort to trusting a less qualified company. Hire the best, and schedule now so the job is done!

Diagnostic Inspections Prevent Winter Damage

Winters can be harsh in the New England states, and snow can cause some of the worse damage to masonry if it isn’t prevented. One of the most important preventative measures for your chimney system is the CSIA inspection. When Chesapeake Chimney & Co completes an inspection, we do so using the most advanced diagnostic technologies. We utilize Chim-Scan video technology to get a close-up view of the entire interior of the flue system. Our technicians will check for buildup, blockage, holes, cracks, or any other damage or deterioration that will affect your chimney’s safety and performance. After the inspection, you’ll get a written report and recommendations. The report should identify areas of concern, dangers, and hazards that should be addressed.

If you have a concerning report from your inspection, you will need a level 2 or 3 inspection, and your chimney will require repairs before burn season. By scheduling now, you will have time to schedule necessary repairs before fall. Not sure you need an inspection? Learn more about CSIA inspections here.

Repairs and Waterproofing Services

If your chimney needs repairs, they should be completed ASAP! Even minor damage to the chimney system, can become major damage if water is allowed into the chimney. Once temperatures drop, this water will badly damage the masonry through a process of freezing and thawing that breaks apart the masonry. Chesapeake Chimney & Co specializes in masonry repairs, and offers these services year-round, because your chimney is affected by water year-round.

For the best protection from water and weather, you should have your masonry chimney treated with a waterproofing sealant. We apply ChimneySaver water repellent to masonry chimneys in order to form a barrier on the surface of the masonry. This specially-designed formula is vapor-soluble, so gases escape, while water molecules cannot penetrate it. It’s a good idea to have your chimney waterproofed after any masonry work to ensure the masonry is protected from water intrusion.

Before lighting your first fire this fall, be sure that your fireplace and chimney are ready so that your family can be safe and comfortable. Chesapeake Chimney & Co puts your family’s safety first, so we are taking calls and open for appointments. Call 410-535-0052 or schedule now!